Applying For a Stall

We are always looking for interesting guest stalls to compliment what our regular stall holders have to offer and to make our market an even more exciting and pleasurable experience.

Oakwood Farmers’ Market is a local market selling locally sourced, raised and grown products. It comprises a maximum of 22 stalls of which only 3 are available for guest producers. We aim to have only one stall of each type of product at the market to provide customers with variety and choice. This has an impact on which type of products we accept for our limited number of guest stalls each month. The market is a plastic bag-free zone. This may be important in how you present or deliver your product.

If you wish to apply for a stall at Oakwood Farmers’ Market please read the following guidance: –

  1. Applying for a stall can only be carried out using the Contact Oakwood Farmers’ Market page.
  2. The Oakwood Farmers’ Market is a food only market and stall holders will be required to meet the market’s core criteria (see below)
  3. The Market has been independently certified as applying the National Farmers’ Retail and Markets Association (FARMA) recommended criteria for true farmers’ markets. For more details go to the FARMA website
  4. All stallholders must provide their own public liability insurance and product liability insurance (minimum £5m cover) and must be able to  provide a copy of their public and product liability insurance on request.
  5. When applying please give a description and details of: –
    1. The Product
    2. A pen picture of you or your company
    3. Where you grow, raise or produce the product
    4. If you are a producer, where your ingredients are sourced
    5. Whether you require a power source
    6. Whether you require space for your own stall or require to rent a stall from us
    7. Website address if you have one

Core criteria of Oakwood Farmers’ Market +

1. Oakwood Farmers’ Market defines local as within a 30 miles radius from the market.

2. The majority of producers attending Oakwood Farmers’ Market will come from within this area.

3. All of the produce on offer will have been grown, raised, caught or processed (using some locally grown/reared ingredients) by the producer.

4. The producer or someone involved in production will be present at the stall and able to answer questions about the produce on offer, for example methods of production.

5. The full rules and more general information are available on request from the market information stall.