We are delighted to welcome local band Muttonchops to play at our October Market this Saturday.

Formed in the late 60’s they have successfully been playing a variety of popular music from the 1930’s and 1940’s in a bright and cheerful jazz style at major venues around the UK including the northern club circuit, cabaret clubs and pubs.

Although they are local they have played all over the world including playing the 3d’s, that is, Denver Dubai and Durban. You can make that five D’s if you include Darlington and Doncaster.

Local Oakwood resident, Richard Muttonchops has also played professionally with Chuck Berry, The Beverley Sisters, The Carl Denver Trio, The New Vaudeville Band, The Crickets, Duane Eddy and lots of other 60’s bands

So let’s hope you don’t have to “Button up your overcoat” and that the weather is on the “Sunny Side” with “Blue Skies” when you come down to the market this Saturday and enjoy the music.




Autumn is well & truly here now and so is the next Farmers Market, this Saturday 15th October 9am to 12:30pm. Playing live this Saturday, Jazz music by MuttonChops.

New and Regular Guest Stalls:

Veggie/Vegan Meals – Kosmo Cooks
Really Good Bread – Leeds Bread Coop
Local fruit jams and cordials – Seasonal Larder

Kosmo Cooks
Proving veggie and vegan food is also for meat eaters wanting food that is “utterly delicious, satisfying and intriguing”. Created by Jennifer – 20 years a vegetarian. There will be some gluten free options. Grab and go boxes have been shortlisted for Delicious Yorkshire Taste Award 2016 (come early to avoid disappointment).

Leeds Bread Coop
Ever popular slow cooked bread. Volunteer with them or buy tickets to one their pop up restaurant events.

The Seasonal Larder
Using locally sourced fruit to create amazing creative cordials and jams. Great for Christmas presents or just spoiling yourself (try one of the cordials on ice cream!)

Regular stall holders sell a variety of groceries produced locally, including fresh bread, organic meat, bacon, gammon and highland beef, fresh fish (occasional lobster and crab), a huge variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, cheese and butter, pies and pastries, soups and sauces, juice and preserves.

REAP Garden Group
The REAP Gardening Group hosts our annual AUTUMN PLANT & SEED SWAP.   Bring along your cuttings and divisions, rhubarb offsets, raspberry canes, strawberry runners, etc and any spare seed you have collected (labelled) to exchange for something else to try in your garden. Plants for free – we’re also demonstrating how to take hardwood cuttings of fruit bushes.
Try something new in your garden. Join our growing community!

Information Stalls
Leeds Community Homes
Rob Greenland from emptyhomesdoctor will be promoting a Community Share offer to create 16 permanently affordable homes to rent and buy in the centre of Leeds. The launch is Mon 17th October in Kirkgate Market, it’s free but you need to register.

Friends of Roundhay Park (FORP)
FORP have their 2017 calendars for sale. Roundhay Park from the air.

Oakwood Trade and Residents Association (OTRA)
OTRA will be giving details out about the forthcoming Roundhay and Oakwood Festival starting 21st October, lots to get involved in.

The market dates for 2016 are as follows 15th October, 19th November, 17th December
You can download the leaflet at

So it’s September – Back to school – Harvest Festival – Autumn on the way – Christmas shopping. Buy from local producers, this Saturday 17th September 9am to 12:30pm.

Regular stall holders include fresh bread, organic meat, bacon, gammon and highland beef, fresh fish (occasional lobster and crab), a huge variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, cheese and butter, pies and pastries, soups and sauces, juice and preserves.

We also have Guest Stalls:
Italian Chef – Mario Olianas
Handmade Marshmallows – Art of Mallow
Charcuterie (Cured Meats) – The Reliance

Mario Olianas
Mario offers a range of pecorino cheese’s and cured meats. His speciality is pork meatballs, stuffed peppers, stuffed focaccia lasagne, parmigiana, canelloni, tasty Italian pizza, fresh Italian donuts and classic tiramisu, homemade ciabatta bread. The donuts are the most popular! You can get more acquainted at his cookery courses.

Art of Mallow
You never know when this stall is available next, so stock up now. Great for Christmas presents (if you need an excuse).

The Reliance
Using locally sourced rare breed pork from the farmers at Taste Tradition near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, the charcuterie is air dried and cured here in The Reliance’s kitchen. After weeks and months of careful, gentle curing and drying, the salamis, coppas, lomos & hams are ready for you to enjoy.

Artists and Craft workers
Each month a different artist or craft worker will attend the market to share their passion. This month we have printmaker, Chloe Smith working mainly with multi block lino cut and screen print. Her style is bold and colourful with an illustrative angle reflecting her life as a mother and the natural environment. She produces limited editions prints, cards and printed fabric.

Chloe will be offering drop-in printing activities suitable for children and grownups.  Produce your own relief plate using Safe Cut – an easy carve alternative to lino. Print on card using a mini portable press or wooden spoon. Have a go at screen printing onto fabric with nontoxic fabric ink. All materials provided. Come and have a go at printing.

Are you a local craft maker or artist and want to get involved? See link to apply.

REAP Garden Group
The REAP Gardening Group will be showing you our harvest at this month’s Farmers’ Market including how we deal with gluts of fruit and veg.  Come and see our jams, chutneys and pickles and taste how delicious they are!

For October’s market we will be holding our annual Autumn Plant and Seed Swap. Bring your excess cuttings, divisions, self seeders, offshoots and runners from fruit and veg such as rhubarb, soft fruits, herbs, annuals and perennials. Bring along seed you’ve collected, suitably labelled, to share with your community.  Exchange them for something new to try in your garden. Join our growing community!

Information Stalls
The REAP stall we will be provide information about Refuse and Recycling.  Reduce Reuse Recycle. It’s RECYCLING WEEK.

The Roundhay Live Stall, will host a new volunteering group that Marie Curie are setting up in North Leeds.

The market dates for 2016 are as follows 17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 17th December
You can download the leaflet at

It Is Tommorrow

Our Guest Stall this Saturday are Leeds Bread Co-op and Pextenament Cheese.  Beautiful bread, delicious cheese – now where did I put my glass?

Leeds Bread Coop

Leeds Bread Coop 2

Pex Cheese 2

Pex Cheese




Yorkshire was once the world centre for wool spinning.  Saltaire boasted the longest spinning looms in the 19th century world.  Today it is a World Heritage site and right on our doorstep.  This Saturday, local artist and craftswoman Nick Claiden will be demonstrating the ancient art of spinning, using a variety of different techniques and fibres.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to have a go and find out how little is needed to take it up as a hobby!



Car Share comes to the Reap Stall this Saturday!  We can’t promise you’ll have the witty and hilarious experience shown on the hit BBC show –  what we can promise is information about car-share and lift-share schemes i.e. alternative ways of travelling by car while reducing the costs and carbon emissions of private ownership.




The Roundhay Live Stall this Saturday, is delighted to  host  a team of researchers from the Universities of Leeds and Bradford.  They  will present information about a research project entitled “Leeds Parks: Past and Present”.   On the stall there will be posters discussing the history of Roundhay and other parks in Leeds, a balloon tree for children, and a ‘memory tree’ where park users can leave notes about their experiences and hopes for the park. They will also be talking to people about the project and the park. Further details about this exciting project can be found on their website, which also encourages people to upload their photographs of parks in Leeds: please see

The team comprises Dr Anna Barker, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Bradford; Dr David Churchill, Lecturer in Criminal Justice, University of Leeds; Professor Adam Crawford, Director of the Leeds Social Sciences Institute, University of Leeds; and Dr Nathan Booth, Research Assistant, University of Bradford.



“Strum, sing and have fun” is the group’s motto.

Well, even if you’re not actually in the band, you can still sing and have fun.

The Roundhay Ukulele Band  always bring a feel good factor to the market and they will be playing between 10.30 am and noon.

If you cannot wait till Saturday, listen to some of their music here  or  see them playing at the market on our video (you will have to wind onto about 10 minutes twenty seconds).

Inspired to join Jen and her group?   Come down to the market and find out – no strings attached!


Hurray! Its market time again! 9.00 Saturday 16th July at Oakwood Clock.
Fingers crossed it will stay dry but lets not hold our breath for that…

Tomorrow’s guest stalls include;

That Old Chestnut, showcasing their 100% Vegan cakes

Fresh Chutneys from Natalie St John

and as in June, Woodside Farm Fruits will be here again, having already ‘picked for you’ the fruits from their pick your own farm.

Artists and Craft workers

Each month a different artist or craft worker will attend the market to share their passion. This month we have Margaret Chalmers who will be making simple felt pieces using sheep’s wool

REAP Gardening Group
The REAP Gardening Group will be at the Farmers’ Market as usual. As well as working on the Edible Bed, the group will be showing you how to keep your plants well watered whilst away on holiday and have some useful tips on successful composting

From 10.00 The Woodside Ridge Runners will be providing the music!

As usual, our permanent stall holders will be bringing Oakwood, their fresh outstanding and produce

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!