Thank you very much to Des McLernon of Rhythm Aire for entertaining us at the November market. I know everybody enjoyed the music; some customers even danced.

We look forward to next year when we are sure Des will be back but this time with vocalist Charlotte.

But if you cannot wait till then you can always see them on YouTube videos.

RHYTHM AIRE Details: –

We are an experienced duo (keyboard (Des)/vocal (Charlotte)) called RHYTHM AIRE. We play weddings/bars/restaurants/parties/festivals/charityy events/cocktail parties/etc. and have our own PA. Our repertoire (over 100 songs) is jazz/blues/Latin/pop – but often songs with a chilled R&B/jazz feel. We adjust our play list to match our audience/venue.
We also have a repertoire of more traditional jazz/blues standards (not shown on videos).
See also recordings at (needs at least IE 10):

Rhythm Aire



Forget for Web bauble

We know it seems a long time until Christmas but it’s just one market away!  We hate to see disappointed customers so this month is the time to place your orders with the stall holders to make sure of your special Christmas goodies.

To jog your memory, here are some of the items you might want to pre-order:

Pies; hams; cakes; fish; venison; cheese; vegetables; beef joints; mistletoe; jam and chutney; eggs; bread; sausages.

All delicious and can be collected from the market on Sat 20th December – just in time for Christmas!

This month’s Q&A is with Bruce Salt of Salt’s Catering.

Salts Pasteries for web

How did you get into the catering business?

Although my professional training is in accountancy, I have always had a passion for food particularly Spanish hams and the like so when the opportunity came to open my own deli, I was delighted.   I wanted to let Leeds have a really good, proper deli. You know the sort that sell lovely hams and other artisan food which could not be bought elsewhere. And that is what I did; in fact we opened two shops.  However, the catering side became more successful and we concentrated on this and a few genuine markets, such as Oakwood Farmers’ Market from 2012.

Where are you now with your company?

We have just moved to larger premises and are building our customer base in Leeds and Bradford. We employ fourteen staff and at present feed on average 150 people a day making 98% of the produce ourselves.

You still have time to attend farmer’s markets?

We like meeting the public and our customers. We can always find time to spend with people who appreciate good food and that’s why we are at the farmers’ markets at Headingley, Horsforth and of course Oakwood Farmer’s Market.

What is your best selling product?

That is difficult to say but at Oakwood Farmer’s Market our arancini (risotto balls) are very popular and are a big seller.

What other interests do you have?

I like watching sport particularly cricket and golf. I was lucky enough to see the European Team beat the USA at Medinah Country Club, Chicago in 2012 – that was a thrill. I like all sorts of music and reading.  I used to like running, but now running around looking after my business, and young family, seems to take most of my time.

What is your favourite track?

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.

What is your favourite film?

Clearly, The Fabulous Baker Boys

Do you just service corporate events?

No, we are more than happy to cater for parties, picnics, and weddings.

Who do you think would play you in the film of your life?

Robert Donat?


Survey Pic

We are always trying to improve Oakwood Farmers’ Market and you can help us by filling out our on-line questionnaire here. It will only take a couple of minutes and all your answers will be anonymous.

This month’s Q&A is with Vicky Whiteley from Whiteley’s Farm and Farm Shop


Pumpkin gathering at Whiteleys Farm (photo thanks to Jen Chillingsworth ).

How long have you been farming?

Amazingly, this year will be our 30th anniversary.  I know – I don’t look old enough!

How many acres does your farm cover?

We have just taken on some adjoining land which will double the size of the farm and bring the total area up to 60 acres.

What types of farming do you do?

As well as growing vegetables and salad greens, we also have a nursery where we grow herbs, plants, shrubs, bushes and trees. We keep free-range chickens and ducks and an apiary for our bees to produce honey. We sell all the produce in our on-site farm shop as well as at local farmers’ markets. As if that isn’t enough, we also run a landscape gardening business.

That seems to be a lot of work. How do you manage to keep on top of everything?

Honestly?  Some days I have no idea!  There are always jobs to do – planting, tending, watering, weeding as well as harvesting, loading the truck and selling in the shop and on the markets.  In the summer we are working 12 to 16 hours a day which is a long hard six months.  Winter means only working in daylight hours but it can feel longer especially in the cold, wet and snowy days.

As a farmer you are obviously at the mercy of the British weather to produce your locally grown produce. How does that affect your business?

Well there is only so much we can do to protect against bad weather conditions.  The winter in 2011 was so hard all are vegetables just froze in the ground and then this was followed by a summer that was so wet we could not sow the seeds.   We do what we can by growing under polytunnels, and choosing varieties that cope with our British weather.

What is your all-time favourite TV programme?


Have you had any odd requests at the farm?

Some time ago we were asked to provide all our scarecrows (we have eight at the moment) for a film set on some nearby allotments as they thought this would add a bit more interest to the scene.

Do scarecrows work?

Yes, we make them out of old clothes and use them to make the wood pigeons think there is someone in the field. Old, traditional methods have their uses, especially in the garden.

What is your favourite song?

Lettuce from America by the Proclaimers

Christmas is coming but what is next on the agenda for you?

Well, Christmas is a bit away for us just yet.  Halloween means harvesting our pumpkins. There’s something fantastic about seeing a field of bright orange pumpkins and knowing they’ll be bringing joy to children.  Pumpkins are becoming more and more popular – not only decorative but a great edible vegetable too.  Don’t waste the flesh you cut out to make the lantern – make a delicious soup to serve on Bonfire night.  So, if you want one, you can get yours this week at Oakwood Farmer’s Market.

What is your favourite Film?

Pumpkin Iron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank You Vicky

Voluteer 4

Oakwood Farmers’ Market relies on volunteers to organise and erect the market each month.

If you are able to offer an hour of your time once a month to help, please get in touch using the Contacts Form on our website marking the Subject “Stall Volunteer”.





The first Roundhay and Oakwood Festival is being run by OTRA from Saturday 25th October to Sunday 2nd November.

The festival which covers music, arts, literature, poetry, comedy, children’s activities and craft and taster sessions – is being held at venues throughout Oakwood and Roundhay.

Come along and find out how you can get involved by in visiting the Roundhay Live Stall this month,. You can also download the Flyer here.

Not only has Vicky Whiteley been busy making her stall look very attractive she has just started her new blog page.

Take the time to check out I think you will find it very interesting.

Of course you could always chat to her about it by coming down to the market this Saturday 20th. September.

Veg-1swVeg-4sw Veg-3sw Veg-2sw


Each month we will conduct a short interview with one of our regular or guest stall holders to give an insight into how the goods on offer at Oakwood farmers’ Market actually get to market.

This month our Q&A is with Steve Shearman of Church View Farm Eggs.

Church View Eggs

Church View Farm Eggs

Oakwood Farmers’ Market Q&A 

How long have you been keeping Chickens?
Since I was five years old. My father was a poultry farmer and I very quickly developed an interest in the chickens, ducks and geese that has never left me. In fact I feel an affinity to all animals.

What is your earliest memory?
I’m not sure which was first, a chicken or an egg

How many chickens do you have at the farm?
At the moment we have 1200 chickens. We also have approximately 50 ducks and 18 geese.

Are all your chickens free range?

If they are all free range how do your round them up at night and get them inside their poultry house?
We don’t round them up. They go back in to roost when it gets dark. That is why it is very difficult to have a social life in the summer because we do not finish work until all the chickens are safely inside. 

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
We do not have holidays because we have to look after the chickens.

Which actor do you wish could play you in a film about your life?
Gregory Peck

How many eggs do your chickens lay each day?
We get more or less 1000 eggs per day

Do you have any time for other interests?
I keep rare breed chickens which I take great pride in and at the moment I am President of the North East Region of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association.

How long have you been racing pigeons? And have you been successful?
It seems like I have been racing pigeons all my life, and not wishing to brag I have probably won every local race that has been organised at some time or another. I get a lot of pleasure from the sport.

Have you ever told a bird that you love her and not meant it?

Do you think that the birds have characters?
Definitely they do. We adopted a goose when a friend passed away, and as he was called John Clarke the goose became known as Clarky. He was a bit grumpy and wanted to let everyone know he was the boss, but he soon became part of the fixtures and fittings of the farm. We adopted him 35 years ago and sadly Clarky passed away only three weeks ago. He had had a good life though and he was a real character.

What is your favourite song?
Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan

Do you have a mission statement or motto that sums up your attitude to your business?
Yes we have two, “Quality not quantity”, and “We believe that we do not have customers we have friends that buy our eggs”.

What would your super power be?
Flying. In fact I have got to fly now, see you later.

Thank you Steve.


WI Logo

The Roundhay branch of The National Federation of  Women’s Institutes will be at the August Oakwood Farmers’ Market where they will be showcasing their future talks and activities, as well as having an “Inspiring Women” Quiz.

If you want to know more about when and where they meet and how to join why not come down to the market and I am sure they will be only too happy to inform you, or you could visit their web site.