Not only has Vicky Whiteley been busy making her stall look very attractive she has just started her new blog page.

Take the time to check out I think you will find it very interesting.

Of course you could always chat to her about it by coming down to the market this Saturday 20th. September.

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Each month we will conduct a short interview with one of our regular or guest stall holders to give an insight into how the goods on offer at Oakwood farmers’ Market actually get to market.

This month our Q&A is with Steve Shearman of Church View Farm Eggs.

Church View Eggs

Church View Farm Eggs

Oakwood Farmers’ Market Q&A 

How long have you been keeping Chickens?
Since I was five years old. My father was a poultry farmer and I very quickly developed an interest in the chickens, ducks and geese that has never left me. In fact I feel an affinity to all animals.

What is your earliest memory?
I’m not sure which was first, a chicken or an egg

How many chickens do you have at the farm?
At the moment we have 1200 chickens. We also have approximately 50 ducks and 18 geese.

Are all your chickens free range?

If they are all free range how do your round them up at night and get them inside their poultry house?
We don’t round them up. They go back in to roost when it gets dark. That is why it is very difficult to have a social life in the summer because we do not finish work until all the chickens are safely inside. 

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
We do not have holidays because we have to look after the chickens.

Which actor do you wish could play you in a film about your life?
Gregory Peck

How many eggs do your chickens lay each day?
We get more or less 1000 eggs per day

Do you have any time for other interests?
I keep rare breed chickens which I take great pride in and at the moment I am President of the North East Region of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association.

How long have you been racing pigeons? And have you been successful?
It seems like I have been racing pigeons all my life, and not wishing to brag I have probably won every local race that has been organised at some time or another. I get a lot of pleasure from the sport.

Have you ever told a bird that you love her and not meant it?

Do you think that the birds have characters?
Definitely they do. We adopted a goose when a friend passed away, and as he was called John Clarke the goose became known as Clarky. He was a bit grumpy and wanted to let everyone know he was the boss, but he soon became part of the fixtures and fittings of the farm. We adopted him 35 years ago and sadly Clarky passed away only three weeks ago. He had had a good life though and he was a real character.

What is your favourite song?
Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan

Do you have a mission statement or motto that sums up your attitude to your business?
Yes we have two, “Quality not quantity”, and “We believe that we do not have customers we have friends that buy our eggs”.

What would your super power be?
Flying. In fact I have got to fly now, see you later.

Thank you Steve.


WI Logo

The Roundhay branch of The National Federation of  Women’s Institutes will be at the August Oakwood Farmers’ Market where they will be showcasing their future talks and activities, as well as having an “Inspiring Women” Quiz.

If you want to know more about when and where they meet and how to join why not come down to the market and I am sure they will be only too happy to inform you, or you could visit their web site.

If you’re looking for a way to use up the calories from all the delicious produce at Oakwood Farmers’ Market, we might just have the answer.

Our parent organisation, REAP, has kindly given us details of a walk in LS8 and the surrounding woods.  The route will take you through paths familiar and unfamiliar via the ginnels and paths that add to the charm of Roundhay and Oakwood.  Full details are on the map which you can access and print off by clicking here or on the picture below.  Hope to bump into you on the way!

Ginnel Walk and Woods Walk Pic

Well we certainly had fun last year when the Roundhay Ukulele Group played for us.
The good news is that they will be here again on Saturday 16th August, so come down and be entertained.  Jenny will be happy to chat to you, and tell you how you can get started playing the ukulele or maybe join her classes (no strings attached).

You can always remind yourself of last year’s performance by revisiting our Oakwood Farmers’ Market Movie; they start playing 10minutes and 26 seconds from the start.

Ukulele Group 2

AMA Logo June 2013

Come and meet the About My Area team at Oakwood Farmers Market on Saturday 16th August to register for your free e-newsletter and be entered into a prize draw to win a £40 voucher for the new bar and restaurant “The Woods” in Chapel Allerton.

About My Area is the website that tells you what’s on in the Roundhay and North Leeds area.

Not-for-profit groups can put information on About My Area for free – from toddler groups to tombola, football to flower arranging. So if you’re doing it, and want other people to know, AboutMyArea can help you do it. They already work closely with Roundhay Live to support local groups.

Alternatively, if you have a business that would like to get in front of this large and loyal audience, with unlimited editorial to enable you to get your message across, come and speak to the team to find out how affordable this can be, or contact

I’m told that AboutMyArea has around 60,000 views per week so people can reach a large north Leeds audience easily.

If you would like to know more before coming to the market, go to and read articles about clubs, groups, events and other information about Roundhay and the surrounding district.



Yorkshire Rapeseed

Just weeks after being awarded a ‘Commendation for Excellence’ in the Small Business category at the prestigious Red Ribbon Awards for family businesses, our friends at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil have won a national farm produce award.

Their new Oak Smoked Oil, won the Cooking Oil category in the coveted GBF Farm Produce Awards 2014.

The GBF Farm Produce Awards are the Great British Food magazine’s first ever food awards and are designed to showcase the skilled, passionate, and often unsung, artisans behind Britain’s finest speciality food and drink.

Commenting on the awards, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil’s Jennie Palmer said: “We’re clearly enjoying a lucky streak! We faced tough competition and were thrilled that our newly launched smoked oil won favour with the judges.”

The new Oak Smoked Oil is hand crafted and smoked over oak and apple wood for a fuller flavour. It’s perfect for roasting vegetables, dressing salads and pasta, or great as a dipping oil with crusty bread.

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is used in Michelin starred kitchens, including the Pipe and Glass at South Dalton, and all products are preservative, GM and gluten free and are suitable for vegetarians.


Many of you will have bought excellent beef products over the years from our own Keith Gascoigne of Yorkshire Highlanders. As you can see from all the rosettes he proudly displays on his stall, excellence is something that is important to him.

What you might not know, however, is that Keith has a Royal connection. Keen viewers of BBC’s Countryfile programme will know that one of their farmer/presenters, Adam, has just completed his search for a suitable Highland Bull. Adam’s bull, Eric, had to be retired and the bull he finally replaced him with was from Her Majesty the Queen’s Balmoral Estate herd. He is known as Archie!

Archie’s father is none other than Hamish Mhor of Achllachey and owned by Keith Gascoigne!

So, now you know that when you buy from Yorkshire Highlanders, you’re in Royal territory. If it’s good enough for the Queen

P.S. No need to curtsy or bow to Keith! But if you’re interested in knowing more, just ask him.


Red Stawbery Drawing

What could say summer more than a plate of delicious strawberries picked fresh from the field direct to your market? East End Nurseries are with us this month, so make sure you visit Alison’s stall early – these flavourful fruits are always a winner with our customers.

Dave and Friends will be lifting our spirits with their selection of medleys. Let yourself go and join in! There’s bound to be something you know. Why not pick up a coffee from Café 2U whilst you’re at it?




If you have every driven along Gledhow Valley Road and just enjoyed the wonderful natural scenery, you may have marveled that you are so close to a major city center at the same time being in a place of natural beauty.

Gledhow valley woods are magnificent and thanks to The Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods we have champions who wish to protect them.

Come down to the market this Saturday  19th July and chat to them.