Polar Bears

You may have noticed, over the last few months, some additional visitors to Oakwood in the form of polar bears.  They may look cute but their purpose is very serious.  Check out their short film on the importance of climate change  (and the upcoming Climate Change Summit in Paris on Monday 30th November) Click here.

Think On


We know it seems a long time until Christmas but it’s just one market away!  We hate to see disappointed customers so this month is the time to place your orders with the stall holders to make sure of your special Christmas goodies.

To jog your memory, here are some of the items you might want to pre-order:

Pies; hams; cakes; fish; venison; cheese; vegetables; beef joints; mistletoe; jam and chutney; eggs; bread; sausages.

All delicious and can be collected from the market on Sat 19th December – just in time for Christmas!

Rythm Aire

Come down to the Market this Saturday and enjoy the music of Rhythm Aire.
Des and Charlotte will be there to entertain you; last time they were at the market some people could not resist dancing.
The REAP stall will be welcoming some polar bears to inform you about climate change and we will have honey, Roundhay Bakehouse and Pextenement Cheese as guest stalls.




This Month’s Q&A is with The Market Organiser.


When are you most happy?
When it is a lovely sunny day and the market is busy with happy smiling customers.

What is your earliest memory of the market?
My earliest memory of the market was September 2007 when five people got together and decided to start a farmers’ market in Oakwood. Pooling their time and various skills, and after much planning, the market started in March 2008. The same five people, along with others, are still on the market committee and still work together very well.

What is the closest the market’s ever come to ‘death’?
The closest the market came to ending was when the Oakwood clock site was refurbished. We were aware that where other markets have moved venue they have suffered a terminal decline in their customer base.
We were very fortunate to have the help and cooperation of Leeds City Council and in particular the officers at Roundhay Park who were not only able to offer us a nearby site in Park Avenue but also facilitated our temporary move with wood chip, traffic cones and other help.
Our stall holders appreciated our efforts to cope with the temporary situation, did not complain and did all they could to make things run smoothly.
But mostly thanks must go to our customers who turned out for the four months we were away from home and ensured the future prosperity of the market.

If you could bring something back to life what would you choose?
I would bring back real shopping!
How good would it be to experience the way shopping used to be, when you actually spoke to the shop owner or producer, getting advice or just passing the time with chit-chat, maybe bumping to friends and neighbours along the way?  I like to think we have gone a long way to achieving this with Oakwood Farmers’ Market.

What do you dislike most about the Market’s appearance?
Before the recent upgrading of the clock area the market had to be split into two areas because of the layout of the existing planting areas.  In addition, the paving was cracked and shabby and the clock was dilapidated.
We can now have a much better layout leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience. The planting is very attractive and the paving is so much better. The clock looks fantastic and stands proud to be the symbol of Oakwood.
So in truth there is nothing about our appearance to dislike.

What keeps you awake at night?
Yes, wind is the biggest threat to the any farmers’ market (apart from sheet ice or very deep overnight snow falls). Most stalls need their covers on to protect their produce but these can act like hang gliders in strong wind, so we worry about the wind and always hope for calm market days.

What is your biggest fear?
That the task of organising the market will be left to the same committee members till they can no longer do it and then the market fails.  Like many things, we need to continually draft in new people to get involved.
The market committee need s new members to carry on the work into the future.
If you think you can help just follow this link:-
and fill the form making the subject “I am interested in joining the Farmers’ Market Committee.”

What do you think is the Market’s greatest achievement?
By starting and successfully organising the farmers’ market I think we have greatly added to the sense of community in Oakwood. This is difficult to measure but one only needs to go to the market to feel it.
I like to think we can afford a little bit of smug self-satisfaction on this one!



Gledhow Valley Woods is a ribbon of woodland and grassland running about 1.5 km through a suburban area of north Leeds. The valley is entirely surrounded by housing and the busy Gledhow Valley Road runs through its centre. A small stream called Gledhow Beck flows along the valley and empties into Gledhow Lake.

The Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods was set up in March 1996 to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the woods, increase public awareness, support other local groups, and liaise with all appropriate organisations to achieve objectives. Membership is open to all. Come down to the market this Saturday and chat to us, we will look forward to seeing you.


Oakwood Farmers’ Market is actually called Oakwood Farmers’ Market +. That is because we like to give a little extra to our local community.

On the REAP stall this Saturday you can chat to The Friends of Roundhay Park and order your 2016 Roundhay Park calendar. You can also talk to Paul Ellison and find out all about the exciting new venture of Oakwood Cinema.

The Girlguiding organisation is one that many of our lady readers will have fond memories of.  Come along to the Roundhay Live stall and find out what’s new with the Girl Guides .  Maybe you know of a daughter or granddaughter who would like to find out more?

Our guest stalls this Saturday are: –
Leeds Bread Co-op, Artisan Bread, Really Indian – Indian Sauces,
Msitu –  Foraging Stall, and local honey.

All this plus  your amazing regular stall holders and their produce.

Now that’s what we call a little bit extra.








Due to unforeseen circumstances  Gusto Italiano – Italian Food, Sawley Kitchen, hand baked biscuits and shortbread will not be able to attend the market this Saturday as previously advertised, and there will be only one band not two. But it is a good band and the market is still one not to be missed.

missed target



At the market this Saturday as well as all our fabulous regular stall holders such as award winning Keith Gascoine (smiling above), we will have guests of Honey, Gusto Italiano – Italian Food, Sawley Kitchen, hand baked biscuits and shortbread, Philippa Quayle marshmallows, and Seasonal Larder – Jams etc.

We will also be entertained by not one but two bands.

This is a market not to miss – so don’t miss it.

missed target


Paws a moment and write it on your calendar.